Star Gems are like Lunar, except you can buy more powerful and better items and progress through the game quicker with them. To obtain Star Gems, you must buy them with real money however when you first start the game, you are given 26 free. It is adviseable to not use these free Star Gems to revive your creatures and instead use them for long-term investments such as foliage that speeds up healing/revival abilities or extra attack slots for your starter pet (since these pets are the ones you will most likely use throughout the game).

Recently the daily rewards became the only way to get more stargems without paying for them. Playing the game everyday for a full week rewards you with 7 or so stargems on the last day of the week.


Star gem price list

Price List

What can I buy?

Item Star Gem cost
Sol Berry+ 5
Glowfruit+ 10
Ulm Bulb+ 20
Junga Fruit+ 30
Renew Water 10
Renew Water+ 15
Renew Juice 15
Renew Juice+ 20
Renew Nectar 25
Renew Nectar+ 50
Mega Cure 10
Mega Cure+ 15
Velar Grapes+ 10
Astra Melon+ 15
Umbra Berry+ 20
Fruit Punch Box 5
Fruit Punch Carton 15
Fruit Punch Jug 25
Ability Shard:Slap 10
Ability Shard: Eagle Eye 10
Ability Shard: Seafoam 10
Ability Shard: Acid Fangs 20
Ability Shard: Rock Wall 20
Ability Shard: Energize 30
Ability Shard: Spin 35
Ability Shard: Soul Howl 20
Super Gravity Orb 20
Super Gravity Orb 5-pack 80
Super Gravity Orb 10-pack 140
Water Balloons 5
Fire Hydrant 5
Expanding Icicle  10
Daisy Chaingun 10
Lightning Rod ???
Techtonic Destabiliser ???
Dying Star


Ciriux Egg 20
Procyar Egg 35

Golden Egg


Dragon Egg

Diamond Egg 250
Golden Egg 5-Pack 400
Diamond Egg 6-Pack 1000
Item Star Gem cost
Small Tree 5
Floral Remains 20
Starter Topairies 20
Hydrangea Tree 20

Item Star Gem cost
Energy+5 8
Energy+10 14
Energy+20 24
Fuel Can 5
Fuel Barrel 9
Fuel Silo 17
Fuel Booth 32
Lunar Handful 20
Lunar Stack 40
Lunar Pile 80
Lunar Heap 160

Item Star Gem cost
Move Slot 5 25
Move Slot 6 50
Move Slot 7 75
Move Slot 8 100
Beast slot 4 50
Beast Slot 5 100
Beast Slot 6 200
Stat Increse ???

Building Speedups
Name Star Gem Cost Glowbug Tree 6
Fuel Cell 1
Bucket 'o Fuel 5
Fuelisious 15
Fuel Drums 20