It will be unlocked after you completed Sector 4 and upgraded your Starship four times.



  • Description: You won't find better examples of nautilus architecture anywhere in the cosmos. Sludge Co has been working pumps and manufacturing here for many moons.
  • Planet Type: Water City
  • Travel cost: 250 Fuel

The Bone Fields

  • Description: This collection of astroids is tied together with scaffolding and bailing wire. Bones of strange animals and other detritus litter the landscape and pirates ply their trade in this rarely visited backwater.
  • Planet Type: Arid Desert
  • Travel cost: 150 Fuel

Forest of Champions

  • Description: Once upon a time this sleepy forest was a promenade for leisurely walks. Now you will find a cavalcade of contestants competing for the title of top tamer.
  • Planet Type: Dense Forest
  • Travel cost: 100 Fuel
  • Has an Arena

Dead Man's Gorge

  • Description: This is a serpentine and rocky planet. Your ears may pop while they adjust to the change of elevation as you go in and out of caves. Phantom beasts seem to favor these dark environs.
  • Planet Type: Grass, Cave
  • Travel cost: 125 Fuel

Great Leader's Getaway

  • Description: The Great Leader of Aqualos has long been vacioning in the tropical island chain near Aqualos' equator. His retreat has been upgraded... by Sludge Co.
  • Planet Type: Island
  • Travel cost: 75 Fuel
  • Boss location