It will be unlocked after you completed Sector 3 and upgraded your Starship three times.


Glowing Grove

  • Description: The sheer size and expanse of the Grove is impressive. You can find grass and ice as well as desert and cave terrains. The Rangers work hard to keep this planet looking beautiful.
  • Planet Type: Glow Forest
  • Travel cost: 200 Fuel

Fiora's Homeworld

  • Description: This is the homey confines of Fiora's humble abode. You can wake up with the flowers and trees. Above you all is lush and green.
  • Planet Type: Garden
  • Travel cost: 25 Fuel

Poisonthorn Peak

  • Description: Originally called "El Capitan" by the settlers the mountain was renamed when the extent of its virulent peak was discovered. It is no coincidence that you find many venomous beasts up there.
  • Planet Type: Grass
  • Travel cost: 125 Fuel

Brinewater Lake

  • Description: This is a smallish, shallow-water, salt lake with Moonblossems and Brineroses in abundance. You are apt to see phantom type beasts lurking near the shore. You will find no scrolls here.
  • Planet Type: Underwater
  • Travel cost: 100 Fuel

The Treacherous 3's Lava Station

  • Description: The Treacherous 3 - Sludge Co's top Beast Fighters - perside over this Sludge Station, cutting off Aqualos from the rest of the Galaxy.
  • Planet Type: Lava
  • Travel cost: 60 Fuel
  • Boss location