It will be unlocked after you completed Sector 1 and upgraded your Starship once.



  • Description: The Lunakins built a Watchtower on this fittingly-named world to ward outsiders away from their homeworld, Lunafloria.
  • Planet Type: Grassy
  • Travel cost: 100 Fuel

Forbidden Chasm

  • Description: They outlawed mining on this deathtrap after a massive collapse of the "mother lode" vein. The loss of hunderds of lives didn't stop them from creating an arena for batteling beasts though.
  • Planet Type: Desert
  • Travel cost: 35 Fuel
  • Has an Arena

Molten Fields

  • Description: The Ancients' lava pumpjacks are still operational on Molten Fields, and Sludge Co has taken up permanent residence here to exploit the world's resources.
  • Planet Type: Lava
  • Travel cost: 50 Fuel

Rogue's Peak

  • Description: A frozen mountain, floating in space. Rogue's Peak got its name because the only explorers willing to climb to the summit were outlaws looking for a hideout from Outernauts.
  • Planet Type: Ice
  • Travel cost: 50 Fuel

Lex and Gorm's Sludge Forest

  • Description: Lex and Form have ruined this once-pristine forest to build their silos and holding cells. Ah, the life of a mercenary.
  • Planet Type: Forest
  • Travel cost: 20 Fuel
  • Boss location