Type Flame icon
Catch Difficulty blank*
Rarity Rare
XP at Max Level 216,000
Egg Types None
Breeding Time N/A


Pumaflar Pumasear Pumferno
Pumaflar Level 11 Pumasear Level 22 Pumferno


Pumaflar is a fierce Flame type that often deceives Outernauts with its sweet tempered look. Its Speed and Physical attack are frightening, but it lacks the natural Defense of other beasts. Favorite Ability: Fire Claw. least best ability:flare, (if needed would suggest to keep revive potion if fighting be cues some times it can lag.


Pumaflar Gamecard

Pumaflar's Gamecard

Pumaflars are hotheads. Literally. A newborn Pumaflar’s temperature can be measured at over 9000 PL’s! “Wouldn’t that boil their blood, Mr. Beast Backstory Writer?” A) That’s Sir Mr. Beast Backstory Writer to you – and – B) For most living life forms, yes. However, Pumaflar has a high concentration of iron in its blood, which serves to negate the harmful nature of face-meltingly hot liquid. The heat causes fire, which is then exhausted though Pumaflar’s pores. Don’t worry, it’s not painful – it feels like a massage. Ya know – from fire.

Pumaflar’s fiery and feisty exterior is only a mask for some of the sadness it has inside. You see, young Pumaflars have very little control over their flames. Therefore, making lasting friends is a near impossible task – they simply can’t stand the heat. In fact, Pumaflars accidentally burn most of the foliage and scenery that they encounter. However, instead of hiding from world – they have learned to draw from the ashes they create. This has made them exceptionally gifted artists. And they don’t even have to wear pretentious berets!

Also, please do not troll Pumaflar by inviting him to Pool Parties. Be warned – he will show up with a gift. It’s called Fire Claw – and he will give it to your face. Not such a great party now, is it?


Only acquired at the start of the game.

Base Stats

Attack 183
Defense 141
Cosmic Attack 153
Cosmic Defense 141
Speed 159

Type Effectiveness

Flame icon Snow icon Flora icon
Aquatic icon Flying icon Terra icon