Type Phantom icon
Catch Difficulty Hard
Rarity Uncommon
Egg Types Normal Egg Sentauri Egg Frosty Egg
Breeding Time 2 hours


Grawlinx is a peculiar Phantom type with powerful attack stats.


Grawlinx Grawlox Grawlion
Grawlinx Level 12 Grawlox Level 31 Grawlion

Base Stats

Attack 174
Defense 168
Cosmic Attack 177
Cosmic Defense 168
Speed 153

Type Effectiveness

Common icon Primal icon Flame icon Terra icon Lightning icon Tech icon
Flux icon Phantom icon


Name Stamina Type Description Strong vs?

Weak vs?

Power Accuracy
Startle 1 Common Lowers defense of all opponents in battle by 25%
Chomp 2 Common A fearsome bite that strikes terror in the hearts of small sized caterpillars. Phantom, Flying, Tech 155 100%
Ghost Form 3 Phantom Raises user's evasiveness 50%. 100%
Drain Life 4 Phantom Drains life from the target and gives 40% of it to the user. Flying, Phantom Snow, Primal 100 85%
Phat Loot 4 Common Increases loot received after battle. 100%
Red Shift 4 Cosmic Changes user's type to a type that is resistant to target's monster type. 70%
Short Circuit 4 Common Reduces target's stamina by 50% if it hits. 60%