Glowbug Tree


Glowbugs are found scattered throughout the Universe, but can mainly be found loitering around in the large trees on the homeworld of you and your friends. It is also posibble to find them as loot from battles or even just from digging grass, etc. They are used to power up the gates of the Ancients and to access new areas.


Glowbugs come in a variety of different colours (red,blue,purple,green,yellow). It is important to collect all different coloured glowbugs in order to open the gates. The glowbugs limit is 50 of each colour.

List of Gates

Here you can find a list of the gates, and the number of Glowbug required to open them.

Forgotten Valley #Main #Other Colors
Main 5 1
Ancient Cavern 5 1
Ancient Cavern - After Boss 5 1
Razorweed Moon #Main #Other Colors
Crust 7 1
Hidden Stash 6 1
Burning Tundra #Main #Other Colors
Main 6? 1?