Fuel Pump


Fuel pumps produce fuel for your ship so you can travel further into the cosmos.


1500 Lunar

Fuel Pump Shop

The fuel shop is used to buy different amounts of fuel at varying costs.

The higher you go, the more you get for your money.

The lower you go, the more you get for your time.

Fuel pump store

Fuel Pump Store Interface

Fuel Types
Name Time Cost Earn
Fuel 01 Fuel Cell 10m 45 Lunar 10 Fuel
Fuel 02 Bucket O' Fuel 30m 80 Lunar 20 Fuel
Fuel 03 Fuelicious 01h 00m 105 Lunar 30 Fuel
Fuel 04 Fuel Drums 04h 00m 175 Lunar 50 Fuel
Fuel 05 Mega Fuel 08h 00m 210 Lunar 60 Fuel
Fuel 06 Giga Fuel 12hr 00m 280 Lunar 80 Fuel
Fuel 07 Oodles of Fuel 24hr 00m 240 Lunar 100 Fuel
Fuel 08 Fuel Out The Wazoo 48hr 00m 295 Lunar 200 Fuel