Type Snow icon
Catch Difficulty Very Hard
Rarity Common
Egg Types Normal Egg Sentauri Egg Frosty Egg
Breeding Time 2 hours


Frozzling is a crafty snow beast with a powerful cosmic attack and an assortment of unusual and dangerous attacks.


Frozzling Frozzo Frozzilla
Frozzling Level 15 Frozzo Level 28 Frozzilla

Base Stats

Attack 126
Defense 165
Cosmic Attack 168
Cosmic Defense 144
Speed 102

Type Effectiveness

Snow icon Phantom icon
Flame icon Terra icon


Level Name Stamina Type Description Strong vs?

Weak vs?

Power Accuracy
Slap 2 Common Slaps target, 25% chance of inflicting berserk. Phantom, Flying, Cosmic 165 100%
Cold Feet 3 Snow Attack the enemy with a cold snap! Flying beasts are immune. Flora, Flying, Lightning Aquatic, Flame, Tech, Snow 190 90%
Snow Drift 3 Snow Piles a snowdrift on top of the target, snaring it for 4 turns Flora, Flying, Lightning Aquatic, Flame, Tech, Snow 153 86%
Drain Life 4 Phantom Drains life from the target and gives 40% of it to the user. Flying, Phantom Tech, Snow, Primal 100 85%
20 Icy Stare 5 Frost Lowers stats of all targets by 30%. Phantom types are immune. 65%