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NOTE: Energy is removed from the latest update of Outernauts.


Energy is used by an Outernaught to explore, dig, help friends out, battle and more. Once you run out of energy, you will be too exhausted for further exploration and will have to wait for it to recharge again. Total energy increses as you level up, capping at 40.

Regular Energy

This energy is used everywhere except on your friend's homeworld. This energy is extremely important as you need to to do many things such as battle, dig and use buildings on your own homeworld.

As you level up, this energy increases (capping at 40).

Once you run out of energy, you can either buy some more using Star Gems , request more from your friends or wait a few minutes for it to recharge.

Friend Energy

When you visit the homeworld of a friend, you are given 5 energy to do with as you please. Each action takes 1 energy and once you have run out, you will need to wait until the next day to do more on their homeworld again. You will often have to choose what you use this energy on wisely- you can heal their pets, get some fuel , obtain glowbugs, and speed up their buildings however since you only have 5 energy to do all this with, larger homeworlds require a bit more planning.


Below is a list of what you can do with energy, and how much energy it requires-


Energy Required

Building Interaction 1
Friends' Pet Interaction 1
Digging 1
Wild Battles 3
Friend Battles 3
NPC battles 6