Type Venom iconFlying icon
Catch Difficulty Very Hard
Rarity Uncommon
Egg Types Normal Egg Sentauri Egg Feral Egg
Breeding Time 2 hours


Cycheep is a cute but deadly venom/flying type capable of doing heavy damage if it connects with its poison fangs.


Cycheep Cycrow Cygon
Cycheep Level 15 Cycrow Level 26 Cygon


Base Stats

Attack 144
Defense 114
Cosmic Attack 168
Cosmic Defense 144
Speed 192

Type Effectiveness

Common icon Terra icon Flora icon Primal icon
Flux icon Snow icon Phantom icon Lightning icon


Name Level Type Description Strong vs? Weak vs?
Evil Eye Common Lower attack of all enemies in battle by 25%.
Quick Feet Common Raises speed of all allies in battle by 35%.
Chomp Common A fearsome bite that strikes terror in the heads of small sized caterpillars. Phantom, Flying, Flux
Wing Slap Flying A feathered but furious slap upside the noggin. 20% chance of stunning the target. Flora, Primal, Flame Lightning, Terra, Tech
Sting Venom Pricks the target with a barbed stinger. 20% chance to inflict poison. Flora, Flying, Primal Tech, Venom, Terra
Chomp Chomp 6 Normal A supercharged chomp with high damage and high stamina cost. Phantom, Flying, Flux

All status affecting percentages are set at power level 1.

List is still incomplete.