Type Aquatic icon
Catch Difficulty Very Hard*
Rarity Rare
Egg Types None
Breeding Time N/A


Chamopee Chameleot Chamora
Chamopee Level 11 Chameleot Level 29 Chamora


Chamopee is an Aquatic type who makes up for its lower Defense with a powerful Cosmic Attack and a love for cunning and tricky abilities. Favorite Ability: Squirt.


Chamopee Gamecard

Chamopee's Gamecard

Chamopees are beach dwelling creatures. For over 17 Gigacades, Chamopees were confined to the ocean. However, eventually the price of a decent-sized Coral Loft became unreasonably high, so the aquatic species began to adapt to life on land. While the first Chamopees out of water faced severe cases of perpetual asthma, they eventually adapted to the two-time Atmospheric Chemistry Composition of the Year Award winner – air. Good for them.

Despite now living the majority of their time on land, Chamopees are still highly attached to water. In fact, they mainly sleep in the shallow areas of the beach so that they are half submerged in the ocean. This allows them to see underneath the water and above it at the same time. Yes, Chamopees sleep with their eye open. Some believe they do this so they can be ever vigilant of enemies, but the most popular theory is they do it because they are afraid of the dark.

While it may seem like their beach-filled life is full of only fun, it is important to note that their Optometry bills are astronomically high. One contact alone costs more than two months’ rent at a Coral Loft! They started eating massive amounts of Carrotites in order to improve their vision, but then their price went through the roof, too! It’s a vicious cycle…


Only acquired at the start of the game.

Base Stats

Attack 165
Defense 153
Cosmic Attack 183
Cosmic Defense 123
Speed 153

Type Effectiveness

Flame icon Aquatic icon Snow icon
Flora icon Lightning icon


11 Aqua Blast- Power: 220 Accuracy- 80% 10% chance of critical hit -takes 6 stamina