Type Flora icon
Catch Difficulty Very Hard
Rarity Uncommon
Egg Types Normal Egg Sentauri Egg Mossy Egg
Breeding Time 2 hours


Cactinee is a Flora type beast resembling a small cactus plant. It is a very fast beast, relying on it's high speed stat and sharp thorns to attack it's enemies.


Forgotten valley


Cactinee Cactina Cactumus
Cactinee Level 11 Cactina Level 25 Cactumus

Base Stats

Attack 177
Defense 156
Cosmic Attack 144
Cosmic Defense 135
Speed 186

Type Effectiveness

Aquatic icon Flora icon Lightning icon
Flame icon Snow icon Venom icon Flying icon


Name Stamina Type Description Strong vs?

Weak vs?

Power Accuracy
Startle 1 Common Lowers defense of all opponents in battle by 25% 100%
Bite 2 Common A ferocious gnashing of incisors and bicuspids. 10% chance of stunning opponent
Tendril Sap 3 Flora The user latches onto the target with its tendrils and drains some of its health. User is healed by 50% of the damage dealt.
Thorns 3 Flora Flings a stinging volley of thorns at the target, hitting it from 3 to 8 times Aquatic, Terra Flame, Flora, Flying, Tech 40 100%
Spores 3 Flora The user shoots out stinging spores at the target. 15% chance of stunning the target. Aquatic, Terra Flame, Flora, Flying, Tech 170 90%
Sap Spit 4 Flora Hits target with a sticky ball of sap. Reduces the target's speed 50%. Aquatic, Terra Flame, Flora, Flying, Tech 180 85%
Starshine 4 Cosmic Shines twinkling starlight in the eyes of all enemies. 20% chance of causing charm. Tech, Venom, Phantom Cosmic, Primal 125 100%
Psych Out 5 Common Randomly causes confusion or charm if it hits. 65% → ?%