Type Primal iconPhantom icon
Catch Difficulty Very Hard*
Rarity Epic
Egg Types Golden Egg Shiny Egg
Breeding Time 7 hours


Bobo is a beast of epic status. A distant relative of Chimzee. Bobongo has been raised in the darkest and most dangerous of caves. This is why he can take a lot of pain and give it back twofold.


Bobo Bobop Bobongo
Bobo Level 16 Bobop Level 32 Bobongo

Nível 16

Base Stats

Attack 235
Defense 242
Cosmic Attack 199
Cosmic Defense 183
Speed 219

Type Effectiveness

Common icon Primal icon Flame icon Lightning icon Tech icon
Venom icon Flying icon


Level Name Type Category Power Accuracy Stamina Effect % Strong vs. Weak vs.
1 Smack Common icon Physical icon 165 100% 2 Phantom Flying Flux
Smacks target upside the head. 25% chance of inflicting berserk.
? Feral Roar Primal icon Status icon 100% 3 Att. ↑:100% → ?
Cos. Att. ↓:35% → ?
Cos. Def. ↓:35% → ?
Berserk :25% → ?
User roars a terrible roar. User's attack is raised 100%, but cosmic attack and cosmic defense are lowered 35% → ?. 25% → ? chance of inflicting berserk on target.